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Tetris Project Promotional video

Kicking off with the TETRIS project

The kick off meeting of the TETRIS project took place online on 17th March 2022.

During the meeting, the seven project partners from Italy, Greece and Cyprus discussed the implementation and dissemination of Project Results, as well as organisational details extensively, agreed on the responsibilities for each partner and set the task priorities for the early stages of the project.

The next Transnational Partner Meeting will be taking place in September 2022. Partners will finally have the opportunity to meet face to face for the first time. The meeting will be hosted by Symplexis in Athens, Greece.

First TETRIS TPM in Athens

The 1st Transnational Partner Meeting of the TETRIS project was hosted by Symplexis in Athens, Greece, on Tuesday, 20th September 2022. Partners from Italy, Greece and Cyprus had the opportunity to meet each other in person for the first time and discuss the projects’ goals, deliverables and workflow in detail.

The project is currently nearing the completion of the first Project Result, PR1 – Collection of good practices and recommendations. The National Reports are expected to be published on the project’s website at the end of November, along with a Transnational Report with promising practices and recommendations on the prevention GBV in the Physical Education sector.

During the very fruitful meeting, the partners also had the opportunity to plan ahead for the upcoming PR2 phase, Development of methodological guidelines and instructions about GBV prevention and combating in the physical education teaching sector. In addition, there was an overview of administrative and financial proceedings, presentation of dissemination and exploitation activities, as well as discussions about the quality management and evaluation activities.

The next in-person transnational meeting is planned to take place in Cyprus in May 2023.

First Multiplier Event in Trikala, Greece

On the 30rd of November 2022 in Trikala, Greece, crucial results of the project “TETRIS” (TEacher’s TRaining to combat gender-based violence In Sports) were presented by the scientific team of the Dept. of Phsyical Edication and Sport Science, University of Thessaly to an audience of 60 students. The team is composed of Dr A. Patsiaouras, Assoc. Prof. A. Bekiari, Prof. Ch. Kouthouris, Dr A. Zafeiroudi, PhD cand. M. Litsa and Mr D. Rousis.  “Good practices” were demonstrated, future challenges and potential utilization of acquired data and practical experience were discussed. Greece, Cyprus, and Italy are partners in this project, enabling thereby the exchange of various perspectives and information. The students were quite interested in this issue and in contributing to combating gender-based violence in sports.

TOPIC 1: TV Channel Presentation

TOPIC 1: TETRIS presentation in occasion of the World Day Against Gender Violence, and Italian TV CHANNEL (LCU/SYDIC)

The TETRIS project was presented on two different important occasions by Stefano Armenia, president of the project partner, System Dynamics Italian Chapter (SYDIC). The first dissemination was during the final day of the series of events hosted by Link Campus University to celebrate the World Day Against Gender Violence. This initiative covered, in several events (Nov. 21-25) the issue of a phenomenon that is as sensitive as it is pervasive. Addressing the issue transversally, from legal issues to media representation, the introduction of the TETRIS project on gender-based violence in the sports world highlighted how violence today covers a wide debate: it is not only unidirectional man-woman, but now includes different directions, forms, and above all, genders.


The second occasion featured Armenia as a guest on December 15 on the sports program PianetaSportTV dedicated to the reality of competitive sports in the Lazio region. Here it was emphasized how important it is to find the systemic dynamics of the phenomenon of gender violence in order to be able to – not only – counter it but also to find preventive teaching formulas, both at the level of school education and sports clubs. The various guests on the program, from different sectors of the sports world, found the TETRIS project of great interest, advocating the need to address at the root, and at various levels of scale, the issue of gender-based violence in sports in order to have a healthy and sustainable environment for all young athletes.

TOPIC 2: The project partnership continues working on the TETRIS e-course!

The TETRIS 2nd Project Result is dedicated to the development of useful methodological guidelines, tools and instructions that aim at preparing the future Physical Education (PE) teachers for effectively preventing and responding to incidents of Gender-Based Violence (GBV) in the sport sectors. All partners are currently working on the development of the TETRIS e-course that will combine theory with practice so as to equip the future generation of PE teachers and sport instructors with the necessary knowledge and motivation so as to be more confident and more effective when planning their physical education lessons primarily within the school environment.

The TETRIS e-course will include the following six modules:

  • Module 1: Analyzing and Understanding Gender-Based Violence
  • Module 2: Exploring GBV in Sports and Physical Education
  • Module 3: Policies to tackle GBV
  • Module 4: Implementation of policies in Sports Organizations and Schools (PE)
  • Module 5: Reporting mechanisms and tools
  • Module 6: Supporting survivors of GBV in Sports

#StayTuned for the pilot testing and the official launch of the TETRIS course!

TETRIS Project Multiplier Event in Limassol, Cyprus

The TETRIS Project Multiplier Event was held at Frederick University in Limassol, Cyprus on the 8th of December 2023. This event aimed to promote the project, with a specific focus on the methodological guidelines for preventing and combating gender-based violence (GBV) in physical education teaching. Additionally, it aimed at building capabilities for higher education students in GBV prevention within the sports/physical education sector.

The event provided an opportunity for stakeholders to engage with the project’s objectives and outcomes, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing in the field of GBV prevention. Various stakeholders participated in the Multiplier event, including tertiary education actors, human rights NGOs, professionals working with students, educational institutions, regional/municipal authorities, community representatives, and the general public.

The Project results, as well as the website and platform of TETRIS were presented to the audience by the scientific team of the Department of Physical Education and Sports Science of Frederick University Cyprus. Among the esteemed speakers at the event were the Commissioner for Gender Equality of the Republic of Cyprus, Ms. Josie Christodoulou and Ms. Stephanie Wheeler as a representative of the Cyprus Sport Organization (CSO).

All the participants showed great interest in the TETRIS Project and its mission to contribute to combating gender-based violence in sports.

Second TETRIS TPM in Cyprus

The 2nd Transnational Project Meeting (TPM) of the TETRIS (Teachers’ Training to combat gender-based violence) Erasmus+ project successfully took place in Nicosia, Cyprus 🇨🇾`, between the 22nd and 23rd of June, 2023, organized and hosted by the Center for Social Innovation.  During the meeting, the partners had fruitful discussions about the ongoing work into the development of our training material and e-platform (PR2), aimed at empowering educational actors in the sports sector to stand against gender-based violence. Future activities for PR3 were planned and some exciting updates were shared – including a new partnership with BRISWA ITALIA APS. 🇮🇹

Second Multiplier Event in Nicosia, Cyprus.

Nicosia, Cyprus – December 2023 – A recent infoday held in Nicosia, Cyprus, served as a platform to promote the Tetris project’s efforts in preventing and combating gender-based violence (GBV) in physical education teaching. The event, which drew over 50 participants, focused on methodological guidelines and capacity-building initiatives aimed at higher education students in the sports/physical education sector.

The primary objective of the infoday was to engage stakeholders with the project’s goals and outcomes, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing in the field of GBV prevention. Various stakeholders, including tertiary education actors, human rights NGOs, professionals working with students, educational institutions, regional/municipal authorities, community representatives, and the general public, participated in the event.

Partners worked actively to promote the infoday, aiming to effectively communicate the event to ensure the participation and involvement of a wide range of stakeholders.

The success of the infoday underscores the importance of collaborative efforts in addressing GBV in the physical education sector. Moving forward, the Tetris project remains committed to its mission of promoting inclusivity and safety in sports and physical education, with a focus on preventing gender-based violence.

Tetris presents a new online platform to combat gender-based violence!

We are excited to announce the opening of our new online platform on Tetris, designed to address the issue of gender-based violence. After a rigorous testing phase conducted by the experts involved in the project, we are pleased to open the platform to the public. Our platform offers a wide range of curated content on the dynamics of gender-based violence and how to combat this widespread issue. We are committed to provide informative and practical resources to educate and raise awareness on the issue. Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in our free course on gender-based violence! Sign up today and start your journey towards greater awareness and action. Click the link to access our new online platform on Tetris and join us in combating gender-based violence. [Link](

TETRIS Project Welcomes BRISWA Italia APS as New Stakeholder

The TETRIS Project is thrilled to announce the registration of a new Manifestation of Interest (MOI), which has allowed us to include BRISWA Italia APS in our esteemed network of stakeholders. Through this MOI, BRISWA Italia APS has demonstrated its intention to support our project and participate in all relevant activities.

We are delighted to welcome BRISWA Italia APS to our group of stakeholders, recognizing the value of their participation and their commitment to promoting gender equality and combating gender-based violence, especially in the context of sports and sports education.

The TETRIS Project aims to raise awareness about gender issues and promote an inclusive and respectful environment in the world of sports. With the support of BRISWA Italia APS and other stakeholders, we are committed to create programs and initiatives that foster diversity and gender equality in sports settings.

The inclusion of BRISWA Italia APS in our network of stakeholders is a significant step towards achieving our common goals. We look forward to collaborate with them and other partners to make tangible progress in promoting gender equality and combating gender-based violence in sports.

We thank BRISWA Italia APS for their support and willingness to be an active part of our project. We are confident that together we can make a difference and create a more inclusive and fair sporting environment for all.