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The TETRIS project comes to fill in an important gap in the way sports education is delivered nowadays, as it is expected to tackle long term perceptions regarding the prevention and combating of gender-based violence in the sport sector, and in turn the role of young athletes in finding a voice vis-à-vis the “power” and “strength” of coaches within and outside the educational system. In more detail, the proposed action aims at: promoting integrity and cooperation in the field of sport, by developing relevant e-learning tools and resources for educational staff and delivering tailor-made capacity building programmes, as well as promoting values in sport via communication and awareness-raising activities. In order to meet the above-mentioned objectives and targets, the project will reach out to key actors and educators in the sports sector, as well as students and their parents, so as to convey a strong message of intolerance of violence in sport.


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Increased awareness within the sports education community about incidents of gender-based violence in the sector.


Improved capacity of educational actors in the sports sector to identify, prevent and handle incidents of gender-based violence and support victims.


Increased awareness amongst young athletes and their families about the prevention of and response to incidents of gender-based violence in the sports sector.


To improve the evidence-base regarding the existence of violence – sexual or not – radicalisation, discrimination and intolerance against people of all genders in the sports sector.

To provide useful empowerment tools and resources both to survivors and their advocates, effectively increasing their capacity to protect themselves and others, encouraging them to speak out.

To improve the capacity of educational staff, as well as public and private service providers working with young athletes, in managing incidents of gender-based violence.

To raise public awareness about the need to prevent and tackle incidents of gender-based violence in sports and increase support towards survivors.